PMI® Switzerland Chapter

Volunteer Opportunities in Switzerland

Technology Team Member

Estimated time commitment 

8 hours per month


Join PMI Switzerland’s Technology Team! Support your Chapter in technology-related matters, meet nice colleagues and … have fun!

The PMI-CH Technology Team (around four to six Volunteers), as part of the Department Operations, provides services like website, sharing platform, email and business applications to the Chapter, its Volunteers and Members.

The Technology Team is also the single point of contact between the Chapter and the Chapter’s solution providers. As a member of the Technology Team, you are responsible for the delivery of small to medium-size projects, e.g. to introduce new features in business applications as well as answering requests from other Volunteers. 


  • Provide support on Joomla platform.
  • Perform modifications on the Website and its periferical components (AcyMailing, Event Tool,.)
  • Write and Consolidate documentation.
  • Provide support on Google Drives.
  • Perform regular ICT-security checks.


  • Participate in the monthly Team meeting (remote)
  • Participate to regular tasks to maintain the Chapter IT systems.
  • Work in small projects to improve the chapter Tools.
  • Follow the guidelines concerning ICT-Security


  • Knowledge of Web tools (Joomla, AcyMailing, SP Page builder, K2 are big plus)
  • Experience in IT.
  • Some free time to: learn our platforms, use the knowledge to improve the service and share what you have learned.
  • Open to help other volunteers.


We are searching someone to help with web integration, support volunteers for tasks ranking from password reset to the integration of a new component on the website. This role is not using project management skills but is rather technical.

We are building a community of project managers but we need Technical people to maintain and consolidate our tools.


What we offer

Successful candidate could build a new professional network in Switzerland with Project Managers from different horizons by helping or volunteers in the different regions.

Candidate who invest time in the Operations department gain an overview of what a company needs to setup in their IT systems. From Emails services, Drives, website to mandatory documentations.


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This mentoring program will put you in contact with someone willing to teach listen, and co-create a growth plan for yourself. From then on, you and your mentor will meet regularly to review your progress and support that growth through teaching, exchanging, and coaching.

 As such, we expect you to be

• a Chapter member
• Willing to advance in their career and grow towards clearly defined objectives
• Self-responsible, honest, ethical, and open to constructive feedback
• Proactive with your goals, plans, and mentorship
• Willing to give back to their mentor and the community

The typical mentorship lasts 6 months, with 2hours per month of face to face with your mentor.

To apply, go to the VRMS Platform




Senior Event Team Member - Basel, Romandie or Zurich

Estimated time commitment 
6 hours per month


You are ready to dedicate several hours a month from your passion, energy, and ideas to the PMI Switzerland Chapter and you are still looking for the most suitable opportunity? The Event Team is looking for a help to assist with organization of events. The team member may be asked to perform a variety of tasks to assist with the organization.There is a regular monthly commitment, although it can be freely allocated by the volunteer.


Deliverables & Duties 
  • Propose/Agree on Event Concept
  • Coordinate the speaker(s) and topic(s); Send the "Event guide for Speakers" to the speaker; Ask if presentation can be disseminated as PDF after event; Review for consistency with announced content, adequateness for audience and PDU worthiness
  • Arrange logistics
  • Date, time and preliminary agenda
  • Verify sponsor agreement - what he will cover and what we offer in terms of visibility, space for flyers, time for a short speech, logo on event page; If sponsor offers to pay directly a part of the infrastructure, verify how the payment can be done (invoice put under sponsor name, ... )
  • Location
  • Post event on PMI site
  • Hold welcome presentation and introduce speaker
  • Thank the speaker, give certificates, gifts, take picture
  • Analyze participants feedback 


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Member Journalist

Estimated time commitment 
The time commitment may be around 3-4 hours per article

The Newsletter team would like to invite chapter members who are not already volunteers, to contribute articles to the monthly chapter
newsletter. This is a great opportunity to share your thoughts on a topic of interest with the chapter community and earn up to 1.5
PDUs for any articles which are published.

Publication guidelines are available on request as well as a list of suggested article topics (but you are free to choose your
own topics too). Please note that the publication team reserves the right to decide which articles are suitable for publication.
Articles which are deemed to be plagiarised, offensive or promoting products or services will not be accepted.

Please use the following address to submit your article for review or to request additional info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • The articles necessary for the monthly chapter newsletter
  • Research and source the content, produce the articles
  • Suggest new ideas, topics
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PMO volunteer

Estimated time commitment 
2-3 hours per week


Join PMI Switzerland Chapter today! Support the life of the Chapter through operational tasks assignments, meet nice colleagues and … have fun!

The PMI-CH PMO Team, as part of the Department Operations, provides services like publications of events on website, collecting datas, running small analysis.


Participate in the monthly team calls and execute operational tasks as assigned

What we offer

Successful candidate could build a new professional network in Switzerland with Project Managers from different horizons by helping our volunteers in the different regions.


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