PMI® Switzerland Chapter

About the Chapter

About the Chapter

BoD 2021


Chapter Vision

PMI Switzerland Chapter is recognized as the leading association in Switzerland for advancing excellence and professionalism in project management.


Chapter Mission


  • Foster project management practitioners in their career by providing them with PMI and localized services and knowledge.
  • Promote Project Management to contribute to organizational success and business results.
  • Foster a community of project management practitioners and organizations in Switzerland to promote professional contacts, share experience and knowledge.
  • Develop the Chapter toward organizational maturity.


Chapter Organization Chart

During the previous years, there were many more board members. Nowadays, the board would like to reduce this number to ideally seven board members and delegate more power to the directors and team members. To cope with this ideas, board members will sometimes have to take more departments. In order to avoid one board member in charge of everything in his department, we have created Committees. Each Committee has a Chair and two or more members. So the workload, the ideas and the energy can be shared. Here is how the board is now structured.


Organisation 2021

The Chapter Board of Directors manages and enhances the Chapter services as a leadership team, facilitated by the Chapter president. A large group of over one hundred volunteers in various teams assists them in achieving the Chapter vision and delivering the services proposed to members and professionals.


2021 Elected Board of Directors members



2021 Chapter Officers

Elected Officers:

  • Loredana Serban: Financial Auditor
  • Lilian Kishi: Financial Auditor
  • Alp Camci: Elections Committee
  • Elena Milusheva, PMP: Elections Committee


Appointed Officers:

  • Ala Lutz: Membership Director
  • Aristeidis Matsokis: Regional Events Director (Zürich)
  • Daniel Rodellar: Publications Director
  • Filippo Meloni: Director of Marketing and Social Media
  • Fredy Wehrli: Learning Seminars Director
  • Gessami Sanchez: Regional Events Director (Basel)
  • Leon Aillaud: Regional Events Director (Basel)
  • Nikola Goran Čutura: Regional Events Director (Romandie)
  • Patryk Nosalik: Regional Events Director (Romandie)
  • Paul Reed-Peck: PMO Director
  • Pia Henzelmann:  Events Director (online)
  • Prasanth Nair: Regional Events Strategic Director (Zürich)

 Department Missions



  • Promote a community spirit by leveraging our communications channels: publications (Newsletter, PMI@CH), Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Promote Chapter events and event participation
  • Encourage members to share experience and knowledge with each other
  • Have fun with volunteer colleagues across Switzerland and beyond


  • Foster PM community and awareness of the profession by bringing people together and exchanging ideas
  • Define event concept - speaker and topic
  • Arrange logistics - venue, date, time and preliminary agenda; verify sponsor agreement, post event on PMI site
  • Manage all processes on event date - registration, facilitating the session
  • Close event project - financial reporting, issuing receipts and PDUs certificates, surveys


  • Plan budget of all departments within PMI Switzerland
  • Improve financial processes to control payments
  • Monitor, consolidate and report of the actuals x budget to the board of directors
  • Report the financial results to PMI-CH auditors


  • Provide value to our members, create attractiveness and retain them inside our Chapter


  • Provides internal services to the board, to the members and to the general public. It counts three main areas:
  • VP Operations: department-lead and support for board meetings and Chapter governance
  • Technology team: allows information-sharing within the Chapter (website and sharing-platform)
  • PMO Team: covers the administrative tasks and projects for the Chapter (day-to-day tasks are outsourced to an outside company)
  • As such, mostly invisible, but the necessary oil in the wheels for a well-functioning association

Special Projects

  • Offers a unique lens to explore vibrant worlds from a different angle. Here, we hone in on actual topics and provide a fresh context for project management trends

Volunteer Engagement

  • Deliver value by attracting, engaging, developing and recognizing volunteers who in turn will drive forward the PMI Switzerland Chapter


  • Discover and treasure sponsors to enable PMI Swittzerland Chapter to succeed in their goal to promote project management best practices and knowledge sharing to empower individuals and communities

PMI Switzerland for Social Good

  • Fostering project management skills for social good, working close with PMI Educational Foundation
  • Introducing project management skills to schools, disseminating project management related educational resources to primary and secondary school teachers
  • Support for Non-profits and Non-government organizations in delivering their missions through the application of project management 


Chapter Address

PMI Switzerland Chapter
Kochergasse 6
CH-3011 Bern
Tel.: +41 (0)31 311 53 08
Fax: +41 (0)31 311 53 01
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