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Narratives related to innovation

Narratives related to innovation

Author: Gessami Sanchez Olle, PMP

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Before closing 2021, we had the opportunity to learn about innovation in the second face-to-face (F2F) event in Basel, after the start of the pandemic. 

Thanks to Giovanni Nisato, one of our Basel Events team members, we could explore the role that narratives can play in innovation processes. We create some stories to make innovation happen and some also to make sense of it, after it occurs.
He introduced us to the innovation processes and then we were split into two groups. Each group had access to a game called "the Mills" with a tablet.
We had to navigate through the game (leaving from a small town with limited resources) and in the end we had to explain (create a narrative) how we were going to improve (innovate) our home town after making some decisions during the game.
He used this metaphor of innovation to put in practice the first theoretical part of the workshop.
Despite the different backgrounds of the participants, we all learned about innovation and enjoyed working together with a common goal.
Here is a glimpse of the event, on video:
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