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Talk @ PMI Switzerland Coffee

Talk @ PMI Switzerland Coffee

Author: Felix Jimenez, PMP

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Talk @ PMI Switzerland Coffee


How about having a “virtual coffee”?

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In the current pandemic situation, we need to adjust the way we work and it is good timing to “have a virtual coffee” on how COVID will impact our careers. During this “virtual coffee” we shared amongst us different ideas / concepts like:

“It will help us to think long term”

“It will equalize the level of communication for all. No boss / employee”

“We need to get used to merging professional and personal habits to engage stakeholders. Video conferences with people at the professional sphere are not all formal anymore “

“More preparation of the information upfront is required”

“The advantage of sitting close to a stakeholder is over when it comes to engagement”

“Culture will play a key role. Some cultures require more physical contact than other”

“Let’s give us some time to get used to this new reality and to understand it. We will discover how to work with it”.

Thanks to you all to share these moments with us.

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