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Learning At Its Best: How To Lead Your Team In India

PM Master Class-opt

Learning At Its Best: How To Lead Your Team In India

  Learn how to work successfully with project team members and business partners in India

Waseem Hussain

Learn how to work successfully with project team members and business partners in India.


In this full-day classroom training you will learn how to work successfully with project team members and business partners in India.

You will get insights into India’s value system and how it affects business culture.

You will learn which intercultural factors have an impact on leadership, communication, time management and quality assurance.

You Will Learn

  • Which are the most frequent problems and challenges when working with project team members and business partners in India?
  • How are the western and Indian cultures different from each other? ... (Read More)

PMI Switzerland Volunteers Christmas Dinner

What a night! ...

PMI Switzerland Volunteers Christmas Dinner

Author: Daniel Rodellar, PMP, Newsletter technical Editor - Volunteer
Date: Tuesday, December 13th
Time: 19h Apero and 20h Dinner.
Location: Kornhauskeller, Bern.


It was at the end of the 15 th year of PMI Switzerland, that the PMI Switzerland Volunteers Christmas Dinner took place. It was decided that for such occasion something special should be done... For the first time we had one big dinner in Bern and celebrated together the end of our anniversary year!! To make the event really special, the - without a doubt - most beautiful location in Bern was chosen: the Kornhauskeller! and it is located in Bern town, just a short walk from the main Railwaystation.

PMI event

You can see the nice Xmas tree decoration and the good mood of participants, chatting, enjoying the evening, and relaxing with colleagues... 

PMI event

Time for us to relax and discuss friendly about what happened during last year, the good things to share and what needs to be improved...

PMI event

Time to reflect and time to share in a nice scene, face to face, human to human...

Time to laugh, and meet new people, ...

PMI event

... learn what they do, as volunteers but also in their private and professional lives. Get to know those volunteers who make PMI Switzerland Chapter give so much value to all of us.

PMI event

Being a volunteer for PMI in the Switzerland Chapter is a great adventure! Not only you learn new skills, or reuse your competences at its best, but also you get to know great individuals and this helps you broaden your contacts and your vision of the world.

On top of that, event like this dinner helps in making this connections more human, when we finally put faces to the emails or voices in the calls. It is time for all of us to get closer. And have fun and smile together!

PMI event

And at the event, everyone returned safely home, ready to volunteer again and exchange with great people, as this is one of the most appreciated value it brings.

Thanks to everyone for the organisation and for attending!

As usual, without your volunteer work, nothing would be done...

See you on next event!

Message from the Board. February 2017 Newsletter

Irina Petkova

Author: Irina Petkova

Dear Friends,

2017 is already running at full speed and so is the work at our Chapter. The Board had its first meeting in mid-January to reflect on what has been achieved and what worked well in the past year, and to discuss what could be improved looking forward.

Our Chapter is steadily growing and the objective for this year is to reach 1500 members which would bring us into the top 5 chapters in Europe, alongside France, the UK, Northern Italy, Spain and Sweden. Besides all benefits of PMI-CH membership - like the opportunity to be part of the largest PM community in Switzerland and to practice project management and leadership skills as a volunteer - being a member provides you 40% discount at more than 20 events per year where members can regularly meet with other professionals and hear featured speakers discuss current project management-related issues.

This year our work on how to make these events even more attractive to you is continuing, with focus on inviting high-profile speakers, proposing different and more interactive and interesting event types and networking opportunities as well as offering a forum for people searching for new challenges in their professional life to explore new paths. On the administrative side we will introduce a simpler and more straightforward way for you to register for an event and have your PDUs directly uploaded to your PMI account.

To taste the strong flavour of how exciting this year is going to be please join us on the 7th of February at Kaufleuten Klubsaal, Zürich to celebrate together the 15th Anniversary of the chapter with the distinguished presentation of Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, the Chair of PMI’s 2016 Board of Directors, and the exclusive party after that.

 Kind Regards,



Editorial February 2017

Carlos Martinez Arteaga 100x100


Angel Carlos Martinez Arteaga, PMP


Dear Members and Newsletter Subscribers,

I hope this freezing start to 2017 has not frozen the enthusiasm a fresh year brings along, I am sure not

The year begun and work started to come in. The Christmas celebrations are already in the past and we all look ahead wondering what the year might bring.

Personally I must say that it looks like 2017 will be a challenging year, with lots of fires to extinguish, critical situations to face and maybe will have to put some imagination when thinking how to solve a problem... But this is normal, if not we would not be Project Managers.

Most probably the experience gained in past projects will surely make it so that it is all less painful, and easier to handle, and again these new experiences will help us in future situations.

Even though I have mentioned before that there will be fires to extinguish, this does not mean that we have to put aside our Project Management skills, far from this, it is in these cases generally when our skills are really tested, and therefore it is here where we need to stand up and lead the team.

There is few more gratiying situations than that of having the trust and support of a team just because they know that you as a Project Manager, can and will ensure the project arrives safe to port.

On a different light, PMI Switzerland will organize plenty of events for you to take part of, and these will be in different locations so there is really no excuse not to attend.

I truly hope you enjoy reading through the Newsletter, and in case there might be questions, please do not hesitate to raise these.




Angel Carlos





Event report: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation EPMO

David Fowler1

Author: David Fowler, PMP


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Enterprise PMO and the future of Project Management in Global Organisations


The last event of the year took place on 8th December in Geneva.  Being close to Christmas, it was a fitting theme of philanthropy, optimism and a moment to reflect on those less fortunate than us.  

Don Kingsberry gave a captivating and eloquent presentation to a packed audience, sharing his extensive project management experience and at the same time giving us a compelling insight into the remarkable achievements of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Along the way, we were treated to fascinating anecdotes about Bill Gates, whom he has known for some 30 years.  

The Foundation

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the world’s largest private foundation, and bigger than the next 5 combined.  Its mission and goals are based on the key driving belief that “all lives have equal value”.  What makes the Foundation unique is that it is privately financed by Bill & Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett, so there is no need to raise funds and therefore has no shareholder accountability.  This independence allows the foundation the freedom to take risks, to work in areas of greatest need and where it can make the greatest impact. 

Global Health is one of the key focus areas.  As an example, we watched a poignant video:  Two decades ago, in Ethiopia, 1 in 5 children were dying before their 5th birthday.  Afraid their children would die, parents waited a month or longer before naming them.  Today, child mortality has been reduced by over 60% and parents are now naming their children at birth.  This is one of many examples where the Foundation is making a difference. 

Don shared with us some of the key moments in the history of the foundation, from its conception in 1994 through 2008 when Bill joined Melinda full-time.  In 2015, the Foundation gave away $4.2 billion in grants, and employed 1,500 people.  Another unique fact is that all Foundation funds are to be spent within 20 years of the death of Bill & Melinda Gates, to ensure they meet their goal of making a difference right now and in the short-term.


Enterprise PMO and Project Portfolio Management (PPM)


 2016 12 08 EPMO event 2


Don’s role at the Foundation is to establish and lead an Enterprise PMO, with the mission to ensure projects are carried out in the right way and to increase execution speed, quality and probability of success. What are the first steps in setting up an EPMO?  Start by carrying out an organisational health check to get the voice of the customer and determine the pain points.  We learned about the importance of building a manageable project portfolio, prioritising and categorising projects, and involving senior stakeholders to decide on the most important and strategic projects.

Not surprisingly, the Foundation selected Microsoft Project Online as its PPM tool.  Why use a PPM tool?  To have all data in one place, allowing for easier selection, prioritisation and sequencing of projects.  The key is to keep the data simple and clean, so people can use it to make smart decisions.


 2016 12 08 EPMO event 3


To close, Don shared the Foundation’s Big Bet for the Future.  “The lives of people in poor countries will improve faster in the next 15 years than at any other time in history. And their lives will improve more than anyone else's.”  From what we learned about the Foundation this evening: the people, their commitment and their energy, one has the distinct feeling that this will be a winning bet.


Special thanks to Daniel Rodellar for the introduction to Don.

The event was streamed live on Facebook by Sascha Wyss.

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