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Kenan Catic - April 2021

Kenan Catic - April 2021

Kenan Catic

Kenan holds a Bachelor of Science degree (B. Sc. HES-SO in Electrical Engineering, major in Electric Power). I obtained my PMP certification on the 28 of December 2020 (and he feels proud about this particular achievement)
Kenan has 10+ years of experience in the field of energy distribution and utilities (multi-utilities). His area of focus is the Swiss Energy Market, with a specialization in the metering field (Smart Metering, Meter-to-Cash chain). His actual role is Head of Metering by Viteos SA (Neuchâtel). He invites all members to find more visiting my LinkedIn account.

Kenan speaks (in order of competency) Italian, French, English and German. He grew up in the “Canton Grigioni” and then after his military service, went to Fribourg for his studies.

Kenan sees his PMP certification as a first step in affirming his will to professionalize himself in the field of project management. He is always searching to learn new approaches, methods and philosophies related to business, management, productivity and – dulcis in fundo – projects. In this context, the PMP certification was a must from his point of view. He hopes that the Swiss Chapter will give him the opportunity to meet new people and acquire new knowledge.

Kenan loves to run and he practice running on a daily basis. He also loves to read and philosophize himself from time to time.

You can learn more about Kenan by visiting his LinkedIn profile.