Chapter Members

Cornelia Hänsli November 2016

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Author: Chiara Nenci


Cornelia comes from Zurich and has been living in Lausanne for the past 15 years. She studied political science and has worked as an evaluation project manager for the Swiss Federal Audit Office before joining the HR Office of the Canton of Vaud, where she managed organizational and HR projects.

Cornelia obtained her PMP certification in May this year and is currently looking for her next professional challenge, with a strong interest in project management, organization and change management, HR and consulting.

Her motivation in joining the Swiss chapter lies in sharing experiences with other members and being at the forefront of new developments in project management. She plans to attend events especially in Lausanne, where she hopes to learn about novel approaches to lead projects.

You can find more about Cornelia by visiting her LinkedIn page.

Abel Ferrandez January 2017

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Author: Chiara Nenci


Abel is Spanish and has been living in Switzerland for 15 years. He has a technical background in organic chemistry and molecular biology, and has developed his managerial experience while working in different areas of the Life Sciences industry.

He currently operates in the medical devices sector by leading culturally diverse, cross-functional product development project teams.

His passions are: promoting personal development for his teams as well as himself, travelling, beer brewing and playing the electric guitar.

Abel recently obtained his PMP certification and was motivated to join our Chapter to increase opportunities of networking with other project managers, especially those from the medical devices area. He will participate to events in the Basel region.

You can find more about Abel by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

Miloš Čučulović January 2017

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Author: Chiara Nenci


Miloš is a French PMP certified IT professional working in the academic open access publishing industry. His responsibilities include directing a branch office located in Belgrade.

He enjoys IT, philosophy, politics and sports.

By joining our Chapter, Miloš expects to familiarize himself with the Swiss community of project managers and learn about new trends in project management.

Miloš will attend events in the Basel area, where he would also be happy to volunteer by helping the event organization team. In addition, he would like to offer his robust IT knowledge as a volunteer in IT-related projects.

You can find more about Miloš by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

Andreas Zoerb January 2017

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Author: Chiara Nenci


Andreas is a 38 years old chemist from southwestern Germany, living in Basel with his wife Tatjana since 2010. He works as Analytical Project Leader at Novartis with a focus on the development of new oral drugs.

In his spare time he enjoys sailing, both on the sea as well as on Lake Neuchatel, where he owns an old sailing boat currently being refitted.

He plans to obtain the PMP certification early next year and joined the Chapter to connect with other project managers, especially from the Pharma and Healthcare business, with whom to share know-how and best practices.

He will mostly participate to events in Basel.

Andreas is a Twitter enthusiast who founded an Internet business to support his undergraduate studies and explored the reasons behind the limited use of Twitter made by pharmaceutical companies at

He would like to offer his knowledge to support the Chapter in the social media world.

You can find more about Andreas by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

Franz Josef Jobst January 2017

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Author: Chiara Nenci


Franz Josef is Swiss and is an expert in Project Planning & Project Controls, working as Senior Project Scheduler in the energy sector.

He enjoys spending time with his family, IT, using the Primavera P6 software to manage projects, jogging and snowboarding.

He joined the Chapter to get to know the Swiss community of project managers and learn about the current best practices.

He looks forward to participating to events in the Zurich area and is currently contemplating whether to pursuit the PMP certification.

You can find more about Franz Josef by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

Aleksandra Lipka January 2017

Aleksandra Lipka 100x100


Author: Chiara Nenci


Aleksandra is Polish but spent most of her adult life in Scotland. She has been living in Switzerland for the past 3 years.

A former events manager, Aleksandra would like to re-orient her career towards a profile with strong project management responsibilities, preferably in a different industry as compared to her previous experience.

In order to establish her Swiss project management network, Aleksandra joined our Chapter and because of her effortlessness in socializing, she was immediately recruited as PMI Brand Ambassador to represent the Chapter during the events organized in Zurich.

Her other passions are her two children, sports (especially winter ones), politics and movies.

Aleksandra holds a PRINCE2 foundation and practitioner certification and is currently evaluating when to pursue the PMP certification.

You can find more about Aleksandra by visiting her LinkedIn profile.

Luigi Bartolomeo January 2017

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Author: Chiara Nenci


Luigi comes from Ticino and lives in Bellinzona, with his wife and two children. He works at IBM in Lugano as project manager and software specialist on mainframe systems.

He speaks Italian, his mother tongue, English, French, and has also some proficiency in German.

His interests are travelling, hiking on the mountains, photography, music, reading and website development, an area in which he is currently advancing. He also enjoys keeping up with the latest news on science and technology.

Luigi is preparing for his PMP certification exam, and decided thus to become a PMI member first, and then to join our Chapter.

He looks forward to participating to events soon, without a preference for any of the locations, where he hopes to learn something new and meet other project managers in a friendly atmosphere and share experience and knowledge.

You can find more about Luigi by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

Brian Wesaala November 2016

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Author: Chiara Nenci


Brian is an IT professional and trained accountant (ACCA) from Kenya, currently working for the United Nations Office at Geneva as an Information Systems Assistant.
He is also pursuing a MSc. degree in Technology Management at the Open University (UK), focusing on innovation and project management.

He joined the Swiss chapter in order to connect with seasoned project managers through events and benefit from their experience and guidance. In addition, Brian would like to be involved with the chapter as a volunteer by making available his IT expertise or joining a PMO.

He aims to obtain soon the CAPM certification and thereafter pursue the PMP certification, with a view of opening up new professional opportunities and expand his expertise in the project management field.

Brian is a football enthusiast and amateur player, and a budding writer at

You can find more about Brian by visiting his LinkedIn page.


Costas Bakopanos November 2016

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Author: Chiara Nenci


Costas is Australian and Greek and works as Solution Integration Manager in the medical devices industry.

He was motivated to join the Swiss chapter to obtain the PMP certification, grow his network and stay informed on project and program management related topics.

He looks forward to participating to events in the Zurich and Basel regions and is also interested in evaluating opportunities to volunteer as a speaker.

Costas enjoys system and software architecture, system integration and portfolio management. His additional interests are scuba diving and snowboarding.

You can find more about Costas by visiting his LinkedIn page.


Juan Oldani November 2016

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Author: Chiara Nenci


Juan is of Italian and Peruvian origins and works in the Pharma industry. He obtained his PMP certification in August 2016.

Juan is interested in getting to know the Swiss community of project managers and further develop his project management skills.

In order to do so, he is keen on attending events in the Basel and Zurich regions.

You can find more about Juan by visiting his LinkedIn page.