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Monday. 16 May, 2022 - Sunday. 22 May, 2022
Week 20
Tuesday. 17 May, 2022

Design Thinking toolbox for Project Managers

SIX Convention Point, Zurich

Do you feel like you're juggling competing expectations, priorities, and people?

Join the interactive session to learn and experiment in Design Thinking, and which simple tools can support you with delivering a project where your stakeholders feel engaged from start to end. The session is designed to teach you about the principles of human-centric problem finding and iterative solution creation. Sign up and walk away with concrete tips and tricks to bring back to your project work (both online and on-site)!

Our team of certified facilitators is looking forward to taking you on a Design Thinking journey around human-centered methods!

After the event, there will be an apéro and the opportunity to network with other attendees and speakers.

Thursday. 19 May, 2022

SWARMING, working in a digital age

Gathering or swarming can be compared to humans' natural way when they share a common goal.
Swarming is not a process, and it is an organic behaviour for a group of birds to move towards a goal. It responds to four simple rules: separation (from the hive), alignment(sharing the same direction), cohesion (flying collectively), and avoidance (collisions).
This presentation will explain how swarming can help understand how high-performing teams in the VUCA world are creating value sooner, better and smarter.