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Candidate - Dario Culap


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Dario Culap

Finance Auditor

As Financial Auditor I would like to bring my experience, but especially my passion for Project Management and Finance, to make sure the numbers are as they should be.

I am more than thrilled to work with the Financial team, to analyze the books to make sure that the Financial health of the Swiss PMI Chapter is guaranteed. 

Project Management experience

As a student of University College London (particularly known for its project-oriented study methods), we were given a project almost every week, and I always volunteered as the project manager. The responsibilities were to coordinate the project, keep an eye on the quality, distribute the workload as well as to keep the project on time (a variable which always was very stringent).

In addition to this, in my 3rd year of University I decided to do a “year abroad” to study in Maryland which is highly known for its project management courses. There, I was able to gain experience in Communication, Accounting, Finance, Risk Management, and general Project Management processes which then led to the accomplishment my Certificate as Associate in Project Management (CAPM®).

PMI volunteering experience

For the past 5 years, I have been very passionate and involved in Finance. In order to share my knowledge and help other people better understand trading, investing and finance, I have created my own YouTube channel ( where I leverage my Finance and Communication skills. It also allows me to give back to the community, which is very important to me.  Moreover, I also built educational content about Finance and Investing for an educational Swiss Company on a volunteering basis.

The volunteering opportunity as a Finance Auditor within the PMI Swiss Chapter is a welcome chance for me to link my Finance expertise to the Project Management skills and to serve and learn from the wide Swiss Project Management community. My ambition is to advance to a seasoned Project Manager in the next couple of years.

My motivation and key priorities within the chapter

I followed a course in Accounting for Project Managers at the University where I learned, among other things, how to keep the books for a Project, but also for Companies. I further used this knowledge to manage and keep the books for two family-owned rental apartments.

With my desire to learn more about Finance in a non-profit context and to meet project managers with various backgrounds, the Finance Auditor position would combine my two big passions: Project Management and Finance.

My priority in this position would be to ensure the financial health of the Swiss PMI Chapter by auditing accounting records and financial statements and providing best practices and practical advice to the chapter. To do this I will apply my knowledge and further deepen it by studying and collaborating with the various PMI Swiss chapter departments.